Soothe The Soul: Meditation Magic

I’ve always been the girl with a wild imagination, one full of messy chapters, endless drafts, flicking back and forth between the past, present, future more times than I can count. It’s creative, powerful and occasionally chaotic altogether, and it has seen me clumsily face-planting into a fair few ‘road blocks’ over the years, as well as crisp ‘aha’ moments where everything, absolutely everything, just makes imperfect sense.

Put simply, when I think, I think a lot.

But thankfully writing has always given me a key to my inner musings, in an inner world that has rearranged itself a lot lately thanks to the re-connection of something that has always played a big role in my life: meditation.

As a child, I didn’t fully understand the concept of meditation and struggled with it, as a teenager I clutched at it in my darkest moments and then flicked it over my shoulder when life carried on smoothly once more, and now as a young adult, it fills me, does something sweet and good to my soul, leaves me wanting more time in that inner sanctuary.

It’s strange and wonderful and I want to share more with you. In terms of spirituality, I am completely open. I love to explore and find what feels good to me at any given point in time, learning about traditions, cultures, and as much as I can about this one universal thread of connection that is strikingly powerful and positive. To sit with yourself, really sit with yourself rather than run, hide, numb, is beautiful – not always easy, brings up all the clutter, hurts at times and is incredible at others, but still nonetheless beautiful.

I use the free meditiation app InsightTimer to keep track of my progress and use the timer to sit and guided meditations when I need to soothe. I’ve listed a few of my favourites below.


Short & Soulful:

One Minute Meditation – Don Reed Simmons

Franko Heke 5 Min Guided Meditation – Franko Heke

Present Moment Awareness with the Breath – Alice Lash


Healing, Self Love & Transformation:

Morning Meditation – Jonathan Lehmann

Heartful of Kindness – Emily Horn

Manifestation Meditation – Melissa Ambrosini

Clarity & Confidence Meditation – Sara Christensen

Self-Love Meditation – Sonia Bueno de la Torre

Developing Lovingkindness – Bodhipaksa

Soften-Soothe-Allow (MSC) – Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic

Loving and Listening to Yourself – Sarah Blondin



The Soul Knows – Bethany Auriel-Hagan

Sleep Meditation: Journey To The Night Sky – Naomi Goodlet

Power Nap – Andrew Johnson

Franko Heke Sleep Meditation – Franko Heke



Kalki Mantra for Protection – PAZ

OM Harmony Chants for Healing – Sandeep Khurana

Guitar & Piano Music for Meditation – Pablo Arellano

Two Breaths of Forever – Phillip Wilkerson


Enjoy the journey, wildflowers.

Love always,



As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. xxx





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