[Poem] Speak Up, I Can’t Hear You

  • Speak up, I can’t hear you. Tell me the dreams that hold your heart captive and your words ready to dance off your tongue with wild abandon.

    Speak up, I can’t hear you. Tell me of how you fell and fell hard, time and time again, yet still pushed yourself back up onto wobbly knees.

    Speak up, I can’t hear you. Tell me about the songs, the stories, the heartbreaks, the breakthroughs of your present and past years. Tell me how they molded you, turned you upside down and inside out, pointing you in a new direction. Tell me how despite it all, you still stood tall with a slight smile escaping your lips.

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Astrodiaries: Full Moon & Pisces Lunar Eclipse

Astrodiaries is a new segment for The Wildflower Diaries, that will every so often tip-toe in with secrets from the moon and how to best use these to find the flow and go with it more easily in your own life. 


The moon is a powerful, powerful thing. Affecting the flow of the water, the planting of new seeds (and new life) and for women, the shedding of the womb. Each moon cycle plays a special role in how we venture forward and when we need to glance over our shoulder if only to see how far it is that we have travelled.

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[POEM] Nostalgia

In every moment,

she tiptoed between unravelling more of her mysteries

and looking around in bewilderment,

unable to quite make sense of it all.

Of herself.

Of the moon that called her from above.

Of the gentle but strong voice that beckoned to her from within.

But there was one place where time stood still:

By the ocean.

Simply by being near,

she’d become transformed,

dancing a little lighter as her heart expanded.

The magic of the sea could make her world filled with so much

words, noise, colours –

softly slip away,

while simultaneously replenishing her soul.

She laughed, lived and loved in that space,

a space that would call to her wherever she did or didn’t go.

It was beautiful watching her find herself again and again,

the water helping her to remember, to reconnect with her inner light

and the light of her ancestors who had proudly walked before her.

Her footsteps in this life would be dedicated to them, she decided.


And so it was.


All my love,