Diary entries

Light Your Own Way Home

Sometimes lighting your own way home means gently letting go of hands and hearts that were interlinked with your world alongside your fears, your hopes, and your dreams, restricting your ability to move.

To breathe.

To grow.

To continue on your journey without one foot dragging behind in past memories and stories that your mind whispered, while your heart laughed at the silliness of it all.

Let go.

And sometimes lighting your own way home means just that – making space to walk freely towards that urge; that deep soul pull that dances all around you until you can’t ignore it a second longer.

Your light.

Your truth.

Your home.

So because this life is short and sweet and sometimes cruel while other times beautifully kind, we must listen. We must follow the call to dare to do great things in this world before the chance is taken away. We don’t need to wait for a harsh wake-up call to remember and we don’t need to endlessly suffer because we believe that is our only way to move ahead. Let’s make it easier on our sweet selves and begin walking with our light now.

Not tomorrow.

Not in a month when our schedule can “fit it in”. 

Not in a year, 5 years, 10, when we shakily look behind us thinking: “Damn. I could have helped myself then. I could have set myself free.”

Do it now.

Lose yourself in nature. Dance to songs that your body remembers. Slow down. Listen. Do things that speed your heart rate up. Take chances, risks, opportunities. Laugh for the pure release of it. Cry for the exact same. Nurture yourself. Nourish yourself. Meditate, or don’t. Find your own unique light path and walk it proudly. Don’t apologise, just keep moving down your path.

And love.

Love yourself enough to know when you need to carry on with your journey alone. Love the ones who walked with you to that point. Love the ones who still wave warmly from the gate when you get lost and take a backward turn. Love the past, forgive it even, love what you have in this moment and love what is waiting patiently for you just around the corner. This world could do a lot of incredible things with a bit more love put into it, and so could you.

Your light is always enough.


Love always,



As always, leave your thoughts below. I’d love to hear from you. xxx

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