Astrodiaries: Full Moon & Pisces Lunar Eclipse

Astrodiaries is a new segment for The Wildflower Diaries, that will every so often tip-toe in with secrets from the moon and how to best use these to find the flow and go with it more easily in your own life. 


The moon is a powerful, powerful thing. Affecting the flow of the water, the planting of new seeds (and new life) and for women, the shedding of the womb. Each moon cycle plays a special role in how we venture forward and when we need to glance over our shoulder if only to see how far it is that we have travelled.

The full moon is joined this weekend by a Pisces lunar eclipse, and together they make quite the duo. Pisces, the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac, is connected to the world of day dreaming, water, rhythm, and our emotions, while a lunar eclipse illuminates our shadows, bringing light to that which we have previously hidden and hidden deep. Together, they bring about a perfect opportunity to finally let go of anything that is in the way of our dreams, allowing us to ask ourselves a few important questions:

What thought patterns am I ready to shed?

What are the patterns I have been stuck in?

What pathway am I choosing to venture down for my future?

As it’s a grand time of introspection, it’s inevitable that a lot of emotion is beginning to surface. Think deep-seated anger, frustration or the pulling of heavy sadness that is anchoring you to a place where you are forced to feel your way through it – it truly is the only way. We can look at these rising emotions as guideposts, allowing us to unravel the messages that lie beneath.

Welcome them in, wildflower, and do not run, as by truly embracing the uncomfortable and the confusing, you give yourself permission to truly feel it in its entirety, bringing closure and paving the way for a brand new cycle – one step at a time, one cycle at a time. Physically, the sign of Pisces is also connected to our feet, asking us to look at how we are walking in our life and if it is truly the direction that we wish to continue down.

Astrology goes so deep and through so many layers, and while this is a journey I began quite some years ago, I am only scratching the surface in my own personal life. To me, astrology charts are like a map, or rather a blueprint, of who we are, where we’re headed and the obstacles we may face on the way there – it’s science and spirituality combined and it’s worth a second look to dive deeper into your own path of self-awareness.

My own birth chart has enough planets specifically in Pisces (the 12th house) that there’s regularly an open house party that someone always forgets to invite me to. It’s here that I can understand why the last few days I’ve felt the rising and falling of layers of anger intertwined with sadness that I found myself going around to family members saying, “Is this yours?” – a gentle reminder that not only are we connected to the cycles of the moon, but we’re also connected to one another.

In the words of Dane Rudhyar:

“Astrology is a language.

If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”

Allow the internal shifts to proceed, wildflower, we can make another choice before losing ourselves in outdated patterns and limiting self-beliefs that hold us close and our fears even closer. Nurture yourself, be kind to yourself and allow the energy of this weekend to re-energise you and your dreams – give yourself permission to rise.

And so it is.

Love from



As always, I’d love to hear how you’re spending your weekend under this full moon. Let me know in the comments below. xxx

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